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Wed, 7 Jun 1995 11:10:22

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>Date: 30 May 1995 21:36:53 GMT

>jimmy patrick ( wrote:

>: Does anyone know of sources or current data on the mummy/body found in
>: the Austian/Italian glacier. It was a big splash in the press for a
>: while, now I see nothing. No links found through gopher/WWW engines.

>I saw a blub on it some monthes ago (I think in Scientific American, but
>I could be out of my alleged mind). Some work is still being done, but
>there is a problem: you joke about melting is no joke. They keep him in a
>big freezer, but it's too cold in there for the scientist. So, they pull
>the corpse out, take samples, make measurements et. al. and put him back
>in the frezzer in a hurry, but the surface layer are still undergoing
>repeated freezing/thawing, and it is degradeing the condition of the corpse.

I've seen a book (out in paperback now). But I forget the title and
publisher. It's by Spindler, I think. It has been available for about a year.

Robert Saunders