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JF> >I read a book in the early 80's--a paperback--that was a novelized
JF> exploration
JF> >of life among the Neanderthals, written by a Scandinavian
JF> anthropologist. Can
JF> >anyone remember the name of the book and author?

JF> Are there any other interesting pieces of fiction involving Neandertals
JF> or other primitive hominids? I'm aware of "Clan of the Cave Bear", of
JF> course, and I've occasional books that look like clones of it come out
JF> since, but I'm after something a bit more original.

JF> Here's one I've seen: "The Ugly Little Boy", by Isaac Asimov, a short
JF> story about a Neandertal boy who is bought into the present in a "time
JF> bubble" that he cannot leave.
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One that's not in the realm of great literature that I read as a kid was
*Fire Hunter* (I believe that was the title) by Jim Kjelgard (he wrote a
lot of books about animals, like *Big Red*). The protaganist came up
against some Neandertals, but the thrust of the book was in compressing
the discovery of fire-starting (as opposed to fire-using) and the
inventions of the spear-thrower (attala [sp?]) and the bow by a
lucky/clever fellow by the end of the book. What I liked about his
explanations were the accidental nature of the initial invention(s). It
was a pretty good read for the juvenile reader around 1960.

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