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Sat, 3 Jun 1995 03:38:01 GMT

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> Are there any other interesting pieces of fiction involving Neandertals
> or other primitive hominids? I'm aware of "Clan of the Cave Bear", of
> course, and I've occasional books that look like clones of it come out
> since, but I'm after something a bit more original.

Try "Orphan of Creation" by Roger McBride Allen. An excellent science
fiction novel about a paleoanthropologist who discovers a mystery in her
family's attic. Michael Bishop wrote a couple as well. One is about a
guy who goes back in time and falls in love with a hominid ancestor, the
other about a guy who's ex-wife meets and falls in love with a Homo
habilis. I don't remember the name of either; the latter is the better of
the two, but neither is amongst his best work.

Unfortunately there is a dearth of paleoanthropology in SF. But maybe
there just isn't much to write about. Of course some would say that the
best fiction is published in professional journals. ;-)


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