Re: Breast Size (Was: Re: Homosexuality and genetic determinism)

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 31 May 1995 02:06:40 GMT

In article <>, Tim Benham ( writes:
>I'm curious to know what evidence you have for this statement. Since
>you refuse to admit a role for sexual selection at all, you need a
>period of evolution when women's breasts got bigger and men's
>preferences didn't change followed by one in which men's preferences
>changed and women's breasts didn't. This seems very implausible, but I
>may change my mind when I see your evidence.

I'm curious to know about this fixation on tits. Since this thread
started on homosexuality and so on, surely the question would far
more fruitfully address their fixation on dicks.

Then we could ask what reproductive advantage there might have been in
their attraction to cock-sucking, and how it is that so many humans
have evolved into homosexuals.

Else, we might well ask about any body-part fetish we can possibly
glean from our database on human foibles. How about we start a new
thread on foot fetishism, or maybe little toe fetishism, eh?

I mean, why women's tits in particular? Few are in any way at all
attractive, and only a few women are ever noticed much for their
nice tits in any event. All the rest are plain ordinary, by my own
personal observations.

If you want to talk about women's pussies, I'm danged if I can see
what is so attractive about them either, without going into all the
jokes about that particular organ.

Even then, when you make love surely you don't just suck tits, or
poke pussies. If you want to keep your marriage secure long enough to
successfully raise children, which is what Evolutionary Theory is
said to propose I understand, wouldn't you as a man make love to the
WHOLE woman?

I mean what did you marry, just a pair of tits and a fanny, or what?

On the other hand entirely, we could just as easily consider how it is
that classical music manages to attract such vast audiences.

For the life of me I just can't find any data anywhere comparing the
attractiveness of some silly teenager up on stage at a rock concert
baring her tits for a brief two seconds, with say the international
TV audience for the Three Tenors Concert at Caracala, which numbered
in the millions for several hours.