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Ed Haynes (
Sun, 28 May 1995 23:46:00 -0700

As Tabuck was saying:

T >wondering if/when hominids may have lost much of the hair over their bo
T >I'm also wondering if any other animals have hair which continues to gr
T >ours does; I don't know of any. If there are none, then it would be
T >reasonable to assume that hominids took on this characteristic at some
T >(but only on their heads). So hominids would have had the hair on most
T >their bodies drastically reduced, while the hair on their heads began t
T >more.

T >I don't know what all this means, but it sure is interesting.

I've asked some of these same questions. It would appear that the long
hair on humans would create lots of problems before they learned how to cut
hair. What good is a head of hair which reaches the ground, getting in the
way when going through the bush, etc.?

Yes, it's interesting.


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