Re: A hairy question

Sun, 28 May 1995 20:38:46 GMT

>Does anybody have any theories for the reasons for balding?

> Any other theories explaining balding?

The point was made that as baldness is usually seen after the normal
period of reproduction that it is difficult to see how it could be
genetically selected for and thus become more prevalent in a population.

May I suggest the following path:
Baldness is caused by an excess of the hormone testosterone and normally
develops over a period. There is a benefit however in this over
production as testosterone stimulates overall body growth, including
increased muscle mass; growth of the vocal cords, which results in a
deeper voice; and growth of facial, axillary, pubic, and general body

Thus females who select bigger stronger more hairy mates may be selecting
for an increase in the prevalence of the male pattern baldness genes.
Or these over producing testosterone males may simply out compete their
less testosterone producing peers in forcing their genes into the gene