Eastern Mediterranean: Publication Announcement

David Sewell (dsew@cobra.aml.arizona.edu)
22 Jun 1994 16:49:37 GMT

Publication Announcement:
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Late Quaternary Chronology and Paleoclimates of
the Eastern Mediterranean


This sourcebook results from a workshop convened by the
editors at the 14th International Radiocarbon Conference,
24 May 1991, in Tucson, Arizona. Late Quaternary Chronology
and Paleoclimates of the Eastern Mediterranean brings
together the results of varied radiometric dating
techniques into one convenient reference. The volume
includes: 1) discussions of TL, ESR and U/Th dating
relevant to the hotly debated issues of the origins of
modern humans and the fate of the eastern Mediterranean
Neanderthals; 2) comprehensive compilations of radiocarbon
dates encompassing the past 40,000 years, with special
reference to the shift from foraging to agriculture and
animal domestication, as well as critical re-evaluations of
the available dates; 3) summaries of the paleoclimates of
the area during the last 20,000 years as viewed through
marine, continental, palynological and paleohydrological
sequences. This 381-page book contains 23 articles by
international scholars well-known in their respective

Papers of special interest to regional anthropologists:

"Chronology of Modern Humans in the Levant," Henry P. Schwartz

"Late Quaternary Hunter-Gatherer Complexes in the Levant
Between 20,000 and 10,000 BP," Brian F. Byrd

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