A request for scholarly assistance

Deaddog (adelling@gold.ucs.indiana.edu)
Sun, 26 Jun 1994 14:42:55 GMT

Dear readers of sci.anthro:

I am 'discussing' ethnic lineages with a particularly
loathesome 'identity' Christian in alt.revisionism. This
poster has put together a string of what look to be Nazi and
neo-Nazi references about the Germanic tribes. Although many
of his yammerings are internally inconsistent, I would like
some assistance in debunking claims regarding the lineage
of the 'white race' (his terminology, not mine).

I apologize for not just going to read an elementary anthro
text, which likely would have more than enough information
on its own. First, my expertise is fairly off-topic (I'm an
origins of life evolutionary biologist); second, I'm off to
conferences this week; and, finally, these folks have spent
a fair amount of time putting together their lies (not unlike
Holocaust revisionists) and I do not want to hazard saying
anything that is not based on a fair amount of knowledge.

In any case, it would be greatly appreciated if you were to
use your scientific knowledge to promote (at least what I
consider) a social good. Please nip over to alt.revisionism
and comment on the veracity or lack thereof of postings that
suggest that there is a 'white race' that is directly
descended from Adam and that spread essentially unchanged
and without mixing from Biblical Israel through Europe.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.