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Fri, 24 Jun 1994 21:34:36 GMT

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|> Ramapithecus isn't even Ramapithecus any more. The genus Sivapithecus has
|> priority.
|> Homo erectus has begun to interest me of late. According to speciation
|> theory, in order for speciation to occur you have to have reproductive
|> isolation at some point. If the multi-regionalists are correct (and I
|> am not saying that they are correct) then there has been no reproductive
|> isolation during the transition from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens. If
|> this is true, then we need to ask if vectored change alone over time is
|> enough to justify changing species. In other words, an argument can
|> be made that Homo erectus should be renamed Homo sapiens.
|> I am sure that will give our creationists brethern some support, but
|> it really shouldn't. I'm just thinking out loud.
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Its nice to see someone is still doing paleoanthropology in this group.
I've been checking for days and all I can find is Elvis!