Re: Is this the right Group for a Paleonthology Question?

Traci Rachal (
24 Jun 1994 05:37:39 GMT

Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Kohlenbeck ( wrote:
> My sister plans to study Paleonthology next year here in Germany.
> Well,then can anyone of you tell me a little of the contents of
> Paleonthology, for example, how much math,physics or any technical
> knowlege you must have, or what you have to do for some practise jobs
> etc. Thanx for every info
> Thomas

It depends on exactly what kind of paleontology your sister will be
studying...human, all vertebrates or invertebrates. If you posted to
anthropology on purpose, then I assume it is human. Well, math certainly
is a big part of it. More importantly, though, a background in geology
or some earth science or chemistry.


If it is a general class in paleontology, I would suggest she pick up a
copy of (wait- does she read english?) Steph(v)en Jay Gould's 1985 book
"Wonderful Life"--it is a great book about paleontology and some biology
and gives a light history of invertebrate paleontology. Great reading,
anyway!!! Good luck to your sister- she should love the class.