Another name of Elvis?

Patrick H. Adkins (
18 Jun 1994 16:32:28 -0400

To: ('Richard Yu')
Hello fans of Elvis,
I am also a fan of his. I know
he was named the King of Rock'n'Roll. But
was he also named the Cat King? In Taiwan
we call him the Cat King. But I can't see
any connections between this name and his
great contribution to rock'n'roll music.
Maybe it's just a local term used in Taiwan
for Elvis. Maybe it is a global one. If
so, can someone please explain where this
name come from?

fan of Elvis,

When he was first getting started and appearing on the Louisiana Hayride, he
was nicknamed "the Hillbilly Cat." That might be the origin of "Cat King."

Adios . . .

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