Re: Percentage values commonly given for differences in DNA etc, may be meaningless.

Richard Foy (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 13:13:23 GMT

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Jane Andrews <> wrote:
>This is the basic principle, anyway. Details should be available from any
>molecular genetics text book. The hybridisation process compares DNA on a
>gross level and I don't imagine that it's sensitive enough to be affected
>by a 5bp insertion, but given the number of base pairs in the entire
>genome of a species then 5 or 10 are very few.
>Jane Andrews.

Thank you for your post, which is clearly understandable to a

Is it possible to estimate the number of base pairs involved in
determining various physical characteristic, i.e. physical height,
hair color, wavyness or length, etc?

In other words what is the minimum number of base pairs that makes
observable difference in physical characteristics?

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