Re: SHIFT DETECTED in MacRae's position

Mark A. McConaughy (
29 Jul 1996 16:46:49 GMT

Ed Conrad said:

>As I had informed you just after mailing it to you via Overnight
>Express for what turned out to be a first-class lesson in
>unprofessional ``testing," that's the specimen which the late Wilton
>Krogman, considered one of the world's foremost authoritieon human
>anatomy and author of ``The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine" --
>carefully examined and called a tibia.

You keep saying that Krogman said your bone is a tibia. However,
you have offered no proof of this claim. It, like your other claims,
are nothing but delusions. The Reading Eagle article about you and
you bones cites Krogman as saying:

"What an impressing -- and challenging -- array of what appears
to be fossilized skeletal items, which, in appearance, point to the
possibility of hominid interpretation."

That is hardly a ringing endorsement of you materials.
Krogman NEVER said you had fossilized bone, only that the
items superficially looked like fossil bone. He was being nice
to you and was simply equivocating. If you have any proof that
Krogman really said you materials ACTUALLY WERE FOSSIL
BONE, then present it. Otherwise, it is just more wishful
thinking on your part.

Krogman was one of the foremost experts on forensic analysis
of MODERN bone. However, that does not make him an expert
on fossil bone or any other type of fossil. He is hardly the person
to ask if you did want to have the specimens identified as fossils.
It was out of his field of expertise.

On the other hand, there is only one person who can't accept the
reality that he does not have any fossils of any kind and is truly
the Master of Throwing the Bull, Ed Conrad.

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