Count Szabo (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 11:34:33 GMT

Bob Casanova wrote:
> Ed Conrad wrote:
> ><snipped>

> > That's when their eyes fill with glee, knowing they'll have another
> > oppotunity to dish out more unmitigated crap that what they've found
> > offers even more and more evidence that man evolved from the apes.
> The last 5 words of your post show that you don't even *understand* the
> claims, since no one in science claims that "man evolved from the apes".
> Care to exhibit your ignorance further?

Now here we have a classic know-it-all.

The semantics of what we call our ancestors is silly to debate, never
mind try to insult someone over. Never mind that, Ed was clearly
referring to the headline in the Nature article, "Fossil Find
Illuminates Man's Ape Ancestor".

Do YOU care to exhibit your ignorance furthur?


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