Re: Savannah strawman

Phillip Bigelow (
27 Jul 1996 20:06:25 GMT (Ludvig M€rtberg) wrote:
>On Sun, 07 Jul 1996 08:09:49 -0400, (Harry Erwin)
>>Unfortunately, we don't yet know how to correctly quantize character or
>>biochemical changes to estimate the probability of various evolutionary

>Try cladistics. Works with any heritable character (morphology,
>biochemistry, DNA sequences, behavior)!

Indeed. PAUP is an excellent computer program for estimating probabilities of
various trees. For MAC users there is both PAUP and MacClade. Henning-77 is a
tried-and-true cladistics program, which happens to predate all the other
cladistics programs.
There are some cladistic programs that are specialized for genetics and
biochemistry data, but the names escape me. I think one of the programs is

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