New Book: Homo Erectus

rmiller (
26 Jul 1996 13:42:48 GMT

I strongly recommend the new popular-level book "The Wisdom of The Bones"
by Alan Walker and Pat Shipman. It pretty much does for H. erectus what
"Lucy" did for A. afarensis; it's an account of the discovery and
reconstruction of the first two mostly-complete erectus skeletons and how
these reconstructions blew gaping holes in previous erectus theories. Lots
of detail on the process of *how* scientists figure out things, which I as
an interested non-scientist always enjoy. Detailed but nontechnical,
understandable but not patronizing. Writing style is *almost* as good as
Gould, which is all most mortals can aspire to.

(For readers in; no mention of creationism is made
in this book whatsoever. Cope.)