Re: Racism disguised as Anthropology

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25 Jul 1996 20:17:38 +0300

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>adaptations similar to those seen in northern europeans. So if you want to
>maximize your chance of being accurate when writing a novel about the
>replacement of the neanderthals by more modern humans, you should have the
>neanderthals white-skinned (may be even blond-haired) and the Cro-Magnons
>black-skinned. It might sell, too, in some parts of the world.

(sorry to post an off-topic reply, but i couldn'rt resist...)

That novel has been written. Bj€rn Kurt€n: Mammutens r€dare (approx:
"the controller of the mammoths"). The plot includes technically more
developed and more aggressive "blacks" (h. sapiens sapiens), and
peaceful "whites" (h. s. neardenthalensis). The offspring are sterile.

[Kurt€n was a Finnish paleontologist, who also wrote a lot of
popularizing books and articles and even fiction -- those books have
always an introduction telling what is based on science, and which
points are pure fantasy.]

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