Ankarapithecus meteai

Susan S. Chin (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 05:11:04 GMT

This week's Nature features a paper describing this new 10myr ancestral
ape fossil, which consists mainly of a face (thought to be female) found
in Turkey. It should be interesting, though I'm wondering how this fossil
is distinct from Sivapithecus meteai? (is that still considered a valid
species? was last time I checked... awhile ago)

Although A. meteai existed before the ape/hominid split, researchers
(from the US, Turkey, and Finland) don't believe this species to be
ancestral to hominids, citing the locale as one reason. Though I would
think there are morphological characteristics which ruled out potential
pre-hominid ancestry too.

Has anyone seen the article in Nature? If so, what are some of the
characteristics distinguishing Ankarapithecus meteai?