Re: Racism disguised as Anthropology

Nick Maclaren (
24 Jul 1996 21:45:33 GMT

In article <4t5ste$>,
HARRY R. ERWIN <> wrote:
>Watching the internet, I keep my composure by remembering that everything
>is archived. Some of those turkeys will still be living down their
>postings in 40-50 years. Imagine running for president and having
>reporters doing text searches on 4-decade-old newsgroup archives to find
>out what you were saying back then.

Where? I wanted to chase up an old posting, and couldn't find anywhere
that had an archive going back more than about 3 months. But you may
be right that there is someone, somewhere, who is archiving everything
with the intention of quoting the kiddies when they have grown paunchy,
pompous and political :-)

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