Re: Racism disguised as Anthropology

R.Bull/B.Bauer (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 17:57:16 -0500

In article <4t5ste$>, (HARRY R.
ERWIN) wrote:

> This whole posting is a 'troll,' designed to start a flame war. Don't
> rise to the bait. Doing that just amuses the early adolescents (or older
> equivalent) who put the original stuff together.

I believe Mr. Erwin is correct. The original posting seems to have been a
"troll", designed to start a flame war. A Deja News search on "alex"
<> reveals that he posted the same article (with minor
variations) to the newsgroups: alt.rap,,
alt.genealogy, and alt.rush-limbaugh over the five day period 7/18 -
7/22. He has not returned to "discuss" his "theories". When I forwarded
Alex's post to sci.anthropology.paleo, I notified him by e-mail that his
post was being discussed there and invited him to try to defend his
"theories" in a group populated by readers with expertise in the fields of
Anthropology and Paleontology. After all, he *claimed* to be a
paleontologist (Alex's definition of paleontologist seems to be anyone
with a B.S. in Paleontology). He has been a no-show in

I must conclude from this that he never had any intention of defending his
"theory". He just wanted to stir people up and possibly start a flame
war. I regret my participation in helping to propagate his adolescent
game to sci.anthropology.paleo. I think that it is time for this thread
to *die*.

In an effort to help kill this thread, I have cancelled my original post
to sci.anthropology.paleo (7/21/96), in which I forwarded Alex's post to
the group. I have also cancelled my 7/22 follow-up. Anyone else who
would like to cancel his/her posts to this thread is invited to do so.
Cancels are not honored by all sites, but the more of you who cancel your
follow-ups the better. It may not kill the thread altogether, but it may
help it die faster.

Brian Bauer