Re: Racism disguised as Anthropology

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Tue, 23 Jul 1996 02:18:36 GMT (HARRY R. ERWIN) wrote:

> So if you want to
>maximize your chance of being accurate when writing a novel about the
>replacement of the neanderthals by more modern humans, you should have the
>neanderthals white-skinned (may be even blond-haired) and the Cro-Magnons
>black-skinned. It might sell, too, in some parts of the world.

It *has* sold. Bjorn Kurten's books *Dance of the Tiger* and
*Singletusk* have light-skinned Neanderthals (Whites) and dark-skinned
Cro-magnons (Blacks), as well as their sterile hybrid offspring, the
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