Re: Racism disguised as Anthropology

Steven Sohn (
22 Jul 1996 18:53:55 GMT

As an infrequent visitor, it seems to me that Mr.Schmal has over reacted to
something he considers to be politically incorrect. In any event, his use
of the word, "shit" is not called for.

What the recent graduate from Arizona State is promulgating is nothing new,
and it is nothing that does not arouse intense feelings from both sides of
the issue; witness the present "debate."

There is accuracy and inaccuracy in this stuff, as one would expect.
However, it is the kind of thing that should precipitate informed
discussion, not invective. I have no idea who Mr. Schmal may be, but I
think the protestation is out of line with the nature of what he sees as an
offense. The simple fact of slavery as a universal institution that
survives in certain parts of the world today calls for a discussion of the
subject, not the PC silliness of calling it crap, or whatever, and turning
away. Even if one feels the material in question to be the most terrible
drivel in the world, to resort to a similar level is counter productive.
Steven Sohn


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R.Bull/B.Bauer <> wrote in article
> In article <>,
> (T&B Schmal) wrote:
> > You think you can just throw this bag of shit into our house and walk
> > with "Don't blame me, it isn't my shit?" On top of everything else you
> > are a coward. Don't come back, Mr. Bauer.
> >
> > Tom Schmal
> Mr. Schmal,
> Excuse me, but I did not throw a bag of sh#t into *your* house and walk
> off. Although I have never before posted to this group, I have been
> reading here with interest for quite some time. This is *my* house too.
> I don't believe in posting to *any* group and then just walking off. I
> was hoping to stick around to participate in what I *thought* would be an
> intelligent discussion. If I had walked off I wouldn't have been around
> to read your well reasoned and intelligent response.