Re: Early human families and childrearing

Jane Andrews (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 11:05:53 +0100

On 21 Jul 1996, JOHN DUNCAN WATERS wrote:

> It is estimated that the first kind of multi-age brood (i.e. the L.B.I. brood)
> developed approximately 1.5 million years B.P. The other kind of multi-age brood
> (the S.B.I. - short birth interval - brood) developed about 15k to 20k B.P. This
> latter brood is the normal multi-age brood in agrarian and industrial
> communities.
This sounds interesting, could you possibly let me know where this work is
to be found. Also, are you sugessting that S.B.I. broods are associated
with agrarian and industrial communitees? If so, how does this fit with
the fact that 15-20k B.P. is a very long time before the origins of

Jane Andrews