Re: Why African Blacks are as they are

Karen (
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 23:32:21 -0700

Richard Henley wrote:
> R.Bull/B.Bauer wrote:
> >
> > Several posters have commented that this thread does not belong in
> > alt.genealogy and that we should not respond to it here. I agree. I have
> > forwarded the entire original post to the newsgroup sci.anthropology.paleo
> > with the following preface:
> >
> > The following article was posted to alt.genealogy by "Alex" who describes
> > himself as "duly qualified as a paleontologist with a BA from Arizona
> > State University." The post didn't seem to belong in alt.genealogy and
> > instead of ripping his "theories" to shreds myself, I thought I would
> > repost it here where it can be ripped to shreds by true experts. *Please*
> > tell me that this kind of pseudo-scientific racist babble is not the kind
> > of thing being taught in our universities.
> >
> > Brian Bauer (follow-ups set to sci.anthropology.paleo)I think Dr Alex's paper is a wonderful piece of work. If he is a bigot -
> many, many millions of people are also - some publicly, and a whole lot
> more are closet bigots.

Which just goes to show that there is no way to predict intelligence doesn't

In the first place, having a BA from a university means that Alex is not
qualified to be a "Dr Alex" as he would have to have a doctoral degree.
Furthermore, I have serious doubts that this Alex chap has a background in
paleontology since that would entail a knowledge of biology and it is clear
from his post that he does not.

Alex's "paper" is not wonderful. It is a peice of work. It is also
blatantly false. It is utter tripe and the only people who would see value
in it, are people looking for support, however inaccurate and ridiculous, to
justify treating people unequally.

This sort of tripe that tries to pass itself off as fact is vile and
disgusting and promotes obtuseness, ignorance, stupidity and the post thisis
in reply to makes that quite obvious.