Jim Baen (
21 Jul 96 22:27:08 -0700

Ok, we are all agreed (I think) that newborns kick their legs.

Next question: _why_ do newborns kick their legs? The answer is not
"because it is newborn behavior," for obvious reasons of logic. One
possible answer is that newborns kick their legs because of an
evolutionary period of water birthing which made leg-kicking highly
adaptive. Now that isn't the only possible answer to the question,and
perhaps it isn't even the right one, but it is the only explanation
so far offered here. (I assume that, really; I've just jumped _in
media res_.:)

I would personally call the leg-kicking behavior a very weak positive
indicator, the sort of thing that adds texture and completeness to a
deomonstration or proof, rather than primary evidence in its own

Has anybody reported the results of tossing chimp neonates into the pond?