Racism disguised as Anthropology

R.Bull/B.Bauer (rbull@facstaff.wisc.edu)
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 02:43:26 -0500

The following article was posted to alt.genealogy by "Alex" who describes
himself as "duly qualified as a paleontologist with a BA from Arizona
State University." The post didn't seem to belong in alt.genealogy and
instead of ripping his "theories" to shreds myself, I thought I would
repost it here where it can be ripped to shreds by true experts. *Please*
tell me that this kind of pseudo-scientific racist babble is not the kind
of thing being taught in our universities.
Brian Bauer

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From: Alex <siralex@netzone.com>
Newsgroups: alt.genealogy
Subject: Why African Blacks are as they are
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 02:48:17 -0700

I thank you all for your suggestions and input. As a result of your
feedback I have written a revision of my previous article and an
explanation of a few things. 1st - I am not white, I am Korean 2nd-most
blacks in America, due to inter racial breeding, are not true African
blacks and therefore this may not apply 3rd- I am not pro-slavery, but it
happened a long time ago and the best way to deal with it is to move on
and become better in spite of it; no one can change the past, all we can
do is make sure it doesn't happen again

Why is it some people just love to pat African blacks on the back for all
their moniscule accomplishments and supposed success? Seems to me that if
they are so intelligent, they would not still be the most poverty stricken
people in the world. Sure, there are some exceptionally intelligent
African black people out there, but they are the exception to the rule.
The Asians have suffered much more racism than African blacks and now they
almost own half the world with their exports. I believe that if African
blacks could ever be as productive and successful as the other races of
the world, they would have done it by now. Instead, they wish to cling to
the primate like instincts of hostility and stubborn refusal to deal with
their problems preferring to invoke revenge and retribution from long dead
white ancestors. All races have suffered persecution and minorital status
at some point in history, and most of us have learned to overcome it. So
my question is, if other races can overcome religious and racial
persecution and become, for the most part, productive members of society;
why can't African blacks do the same?

One hypothesis I have been able to reach after analyzing human behavior
and physiology was this: The skull structure of the typical African black
human is the most primitive (primate like) in that the rear areas of the
skull protrude further than the skulls of other races ie. whites, Asian,
Arabic, Aleutian etc. which is characteristic to prehistoric man and
modern apes. This leads me to believe that the early African human brain
evolved at a lessened rate due to the lack of necessity of a more evolved

Basically, because the Africans did not need to be smarter than an
exceptional ape in order to survive, their brains evolved at a much slower
rate than their European and Asian counterparts. In Europe and Asia the
ambition and pursuit of higher technologies was not only desired, but
essential for the survival of the large populace in order to produce
larger amounts of food and to protect themselves, therefore forcing man to
utilize more brain power, and in essence, become a more advanced human
than his African counterpart. Today the evidence of this hypothesis is
apparent in African black behavior and attitude, as well as the state of
military turmoil in the African continent.

And slavery in no excuse for the third world situation in Africa niether.
Remember that in the slave trade, the slaves were not kidnapped from their
jungle (jungle is used figuratively, most of Africa is not actually
jungle) homes as they will have you believe(stealing thousands of African
natives with only a boat crew would be impossible or take years). They
were in fact traded to the whites in exchange for molasses(ref. The
Gold-molasses-slave triangle). Well who traded them off, you ask? Their
own people, that is who. During the many tribal wars in Africa, countless
numbers of prisoners were taken, either to become the capturing tribe's
slave/servant, or to become food for those tribes that practiced
cannibalism. After the introduction of the slave trade in Africa, those
prisoners of the tribal wars, were sold off in exchange for molasses as
slaves to the whites. It was African blacks who sold the first African
black slaves, another little irony.

Feel free to respond, but please, no ignorant insults or threats. I am
duly qualified as a paleontologist with a BA from ASU and after 4 years of
research, I have come to this theory. If you believe any facts to be
false, I encourage you to prove me wrong and to provide due documentation
to the fact.

This page was written independent of Arizona State University and reflects
solely the views of the author and in no way reflects the views or
standings of Arizona State University.

NOTE- This page is meant to refer to African black humans as opposed to
Americanized(mixed) blacks

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Remember I didn't write this and I do *not* agree with it. Please send
your criticisms (or flames) to the author, Alex <siralex@netzone.com>