Re: Is this paleoanthropology?

Keith Norris (keith@GECKO.BIOL.WITS.AC.ZA)
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 13:26:43 LOCAL

Mike Muller <> writes:

>I am becomming dienchanted with the quality of subject amtter here in
>this newgroup. Unfortunately it has strayed far from paleoanthropology.
>What do the posts on Atlantis and Lucifer have in regards to human
>evolution? And why are people responding to them? There are other
>newgroups for them. This is supposedly for human and primate evolution.

>Also another keep the intellectual quality of the group
>up there needs to be active debate on issues besides a

I agree entirely...lets keep this scientific and along the lines of keeping
the goal in mind of argument over topics of paleoanthropology.

Keith Norris