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17 Jul 1996 12:24:30 -0700

I only saw this on sci.anthropology.paleo, and I found it more
appropriate here.

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> The First Amendment Teach-In
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> R E L E A S E
>July 17, 1996
>Contact: Chris Roth
> PO Box 17121
> Milwaukee WI 53217-0121
>MILWAUKEE--A debate titled "Evolution vs. Creationism: Who's Right?"
>will take place at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Friday,
>August 2nd, at 1:00 PM. This event, sponsored by the Freethought
>Society and The First Amendment Teach-In, will be in auditorium N140 of
>the School of Business Administration building at 3202 North Maryland
>"We expect a lively exchange. Panelists and spectators will
>present a full range of views, " said Mike Neumann of the
>Freethought Society. His organization is a Milwaukee-based
>community group.
>"We have used the Internet--specifically, local electronic
>bulletin boards, electronic mail, an automated list service,
>and Usenet fora--to organize and publicize this public policy debate.
>After it's over, four people will diffuse reports, transcript
>excerpts, and opinions. There will be no fees and no advertising.
>The only thing we're not doing is putting the event on the
>Internet live. Nevertheless, this will be a Milwaukee 'first':
>an event that takes place in cyberspace and also in
>the so-called 'real world.'"
>"We are excited about this event," remarked Chris Roth of
>The First Amendment Teach-In, an online information resource.
>"Presumably, some attendees will discover for the first time that
>many unrelated fields are involved in this issue. Ideas
>about moon rocks, anthropology, religion, and the Establishment
>Clause of the First Amendment may collide in one room in
>Washington DC at the US Supreme Court. Unavoidably, someone
>has to decide what's quackery, what's unconstitutional, what's
>religious, and what's competent science instruction."
>Organizers say that most of the debate content will be about
>scientific knowledge. However, controversies involving
>politics, public education, and constitutional law
>will likely be discussed.
>This August event will be structured so that audience members
>can participate. "After the opening speeches, citizens will
>be able to step up to a microphone and articulate a question
>or comment," explained Roth. "Education outreach programs
>must be interesting and interactive. We want to break the one-way
>flow of mass communication. Milwaukeeans like to be heard."
>Admission is free. Internet users can write to
>for more information.
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