Re: Is this paleoanthropology?

Karen (
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 19:29:48 -0700

Mike Muller wrote:
> Why is this news group debating Atlantis, Life after Death, and Lucifer.
> It is a waste of time and space to respond to such nonsense. Also it
> keeps active paleoanthropologists and and other interested parties from
> engaging in debate. Why check into this group just to read the drivel
> that has been currently posted. Can't we elevate the discussions here and
> look at controversial issues with scientific basis and not just wild
> spectulation?

Oh...I don't know, maybe all this drivel about Atlantis and supernatural
things is a succesful adaptation to the survival and reproduction of
this newsgroup.

If the drivel spouters are successful in passing on their pool of
hysterical genes into s.a.p., by posting it and attracting a gene package
from other potential mates (replies to their drivelly posts)to mix their
gametes into one new species of post, then there must be some advantage
that we as mere humans just can't see clearly.

There seems to be some convergent evolution taking place. There are
several subspecies forming. There is the AAH subspecies, an offshoot
mutation to Atlantis, yet another to Lucifer and demons and life after
death. Which one will be successful in competing? Ah, but they aren't
competing with each other of course for they are different species. They
are competing among themselves!

Do these new species form and evolve new traits from their point
mutations that turn out to be selective advantage to attracting mates to
share gametes with? Has one gender of Atlantis evolved enlarged breasts?
If so, why? Does this indicate fertility to the other gender? Oh my.
Or is it somehow adaptive to the new form of life which its' shared
gametes produced? Maybe it is a combination. Maybe it started out as a
trait that was adaptive to one and now is adaptive for both?

Does Lucifer have webbing between his toes? Does this mean that he
could have had an aquatic ancestor? I say the Lucifer species should
look for fossil evidence and be done with the question once and for all.

And creationism...???? Well, who created all these species? I
seem to notice that a large group of varying individual species,
subspecies, etc., had a gamete or two to contribute to the evolution of
this family, s.a.p. This then would indicate a collective pantheist sort
of answer maybe. But then again, maybe it is just some undiscernible
adaptive advantage for me to think so and Ed Wilson is dead on.
This family does seem to have an incest taboo in all of its'
evolving species and sub species.
There is an obvious discrepancy between the genders of these
species et al. The one species is rather aggressive and competitive with
one another while the other is selecting the best aggressors. This could
mean that the gametes, DNA have adapted to this way of life on s.a.p. So
that while one gender is selecting which aggressor will best help raise
its' offspring, the other is intent on killing each other to get access
to the other genders' gametes. Oh boy. This is fun.
Now scientific theory is designed to meet some criteria including
potential testability (falsifiability), answer a broad set of questions
that will lead to more understanding while at the same time opening the
door to more perusal of information through new questions, in other
words, successful reproduction again!
Is my theory creditable enough to be called scientific or should we
relegate it to model status. Perhaps it should be called a hypothesis.
But then again, we could form a new category in the taxonomy for ideas
about the world of s.a.p. and call it ridiculosity as the next step down
in this linear evolution of idea...hypothesis, model, theory.
Ridiculosity being first of course. I say my idea would fit rather
nicely into the ridiculosity category. So just so people won't get upset
and wonder if this is science and informative knowledge that can be
credited with the status of scientific theory, ridiculosity is a nice
alternative. It is adaptive I am quite sure. It has to be since I wrote
it and added my gametes to the population and so there must be some
advantage that we just can't figure out yet since we are just stupid
humans, eh? Perhaps the aliens landed in my possessed pc and built
pyramids in the hard drive and that is why all this drivel, er, ahem,
poetic meanderings in the ridiculosity category turned up here.