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Mon, 15 Jul 1996 22:03:46 GMT

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> >I have also wondered about the relationship between pot-belliedness and
> >sexual dimorphism in apes. Since male gorillas have an exageration of
> >this condition, and considering that human males also tend to put on
> >proportionally more fat in that area than do human females, is there some
> >phylogenetic relationship, or is this just coincidence? Male orangs also
> >show this, although males of Pan show much less of this feature.

I would think it might be a primate feature from way back. Certrainly
papers on obesity in humans refer to "male-pattern obesity" including the
paunch. I've just sent for all the backlog of Caroline Pond papers
on adipose distribution in primates and other mammals. When I get them
I'll post her opinion on this