Re: Dr. Baugh

Tue, 16 Jul 1996 19:09:28 GMT

Someone out there said that Dr. Baugh is a fraudulent source. I don't really know
why there is all this skepticism about him. I myself called him a scientist looking at all
the work he's done. It's true that I myself can't find any type of science degree; but
he does have background in theology and education. I should also add that he
doesn't claim to be a scientist. It's just that many people who he's associated with
label him as one. He also runs a creation museum down in Texas. NBC thought he was interesting
enough to go there and conduct studies and interviews about the work he's done.
NASA has also had him give lectures about how to cure some of their problems.
Someone also said that they wanted to see specifics about the earth being only
6000yrs. old and I should go to a museum and do some research for myself to find out
why the earth is so many billion years old. I've seen the theories as to how they come
up with those huge numbers. The video shows why it's erroneous.
Keep in mind that Dr. Baugh only narrates the video. The scientific results in it
are the work of 50 major scholars.
Have you ever wonderred why the earth surface is composed of tectonic plates?
Have you ever wonderred what the Bible means when it says "God said let there
be a firmament"?
Have you ever wonderred why dinosaur bones are almost always spread out when
you dig them up?
It turns out the bible had the answers all along.

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