Re: offspring, ape and man.

Aleta v. Turner (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 21:02:43 GMT (Tdewater) wrote:

>Is it possiable to mate an ape and a human and have an offspring ? If yes
>has it been done and what was the child like ? If one has any data on
>this please send it to and comment here.

Several years ago, I was told of a study where a sperm and egg were
put together from a human and an ape, a gorilla, I think, because of
the same number of chromosomes. A zygote did result, and was allowed
to develop to blastula stage, at which point, it was destroyed. It
was reported in one of the journals, perhaps Science, but
unfortunately, I have never seen the original piece. Maybe someone
who is familiar with this study, or any similar ones, can comment with
more detail.

Aleta v. Turner