Sun, 14 Jul 1996 18:55:29 -0700

The eschatology of ancient Egypt moves through several phases of
development, from the introduction of a spiritual existance to the
concept of moral judgement. Egyptian eschatology develops along a
similar path to Hellenic philosophies. This is the result of the direct
involvement of Egyptians in the development of these philosophies.

By modern concepts of life after death, I assume you are referring to
Christian concepts? Judaism developed from the concept of the grave.
Concepts of an underworld, a judgement, and a resurrection are a result
of developments in Perian philosophies (Pharisaic Judaism, developed in
opposition to Hellenism, was directly involved in the development of
these Persian philosophies). The Judaic resurrection was a concept that
those who helped bring the world into righteousness would be restored to
life once this state was achieved. The Christians combined this with a
concept of heaven (originating in Hellenic philosophies).