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Sun, 14 Jul 1996 19:24:19 GMT

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>I'm sure that the tape will show why IT is inaccurate. Appearantly your
>scientist must have rewritten the laws pf physics and changed the speed
>of light and altered the decay rate of radioactive isotopes to get his
>evidence that the age of Earth is only 6000 years. He must be God
>himself! You have to do alot more than to watch a few shows on Discovery
>and Learning Channel to understand how science has arrived at the 4
>billion year old age for the Earth. Try reading a book or taking a class.
>Go to a museum or call a professor of Geology at a nearby university or
>community college...but it is obvious that you had your mind made up
>before the tape was even in the mail, and I have better things to do than
>to watch cartoons.

IMO it is pointless to argue about the conslusions of a religious
fundamentalist from a scientific standpoint. IMO the only way to help
them broaden their perspective is to argue their conclusions from
within their viewpoint.

"The form is the content in motion, and the content is the form at
rest." --Northrup Frye

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