Re: Large animal extinctions: extinction-ex-astra

Timo Niroma (
14 Jul 1996 10:43:30 GMT

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>Cheradenine Zakalwe wrote:
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>> writes:
>> >After all, if you dig down under 7 8 9 mud hut 'civilizations' in the
>> >middle east, you find green glass - as in Trinitite.
>> You are either crazy, or this is a very good troll.
>> Zakalwe==================================
>Well, hate to upset your apple cart, but I am not crazy. But most of the
>people on this planet sure are.
>As a matter of
>fact, there are quite a number of sites around the world with the 'green
>glass' - Australian abos have their forbidden zones a la planet of the
>And like I said, the actual official Russian scientific conclusion on Tungusak was
>that there was an atomic powered ship that blew up.
>It was also falsely reported there was no cratering, but that was not true.
>So, the >real History of Man is quite different than what they told us baby
>boomers - trusting fools. CYBERGUY

First I would like to know what do you actually mean with this green glass?

What is needed to produce it and where do you get your data of its existence, for
example in Tunguska?

And secondly I repeat my question: what **OFFICIAL** Russian report are you
referring to.

Can't be Kulik, the first Russian investigator on the site.

Some Stalin propaganda?

The Russian and Western reports from the last 20 years contain nothing that would
make the explosion in any way abnormal. It is just rare - once per century or two.

Where do you get this data from moving air vehicles or radioactivity?

And wherefrom is your data that were some crater? None of the scientific expeditions
during the last 70 years have not found any crater. And that's easily calculated by
using normal physics: the explosion evaporated the 70 m fragment of stone.