Re: The general warming trend

Timo Niroma (
13 Jul 1996 09:35:06 GMT

In article <>, Dan Evens <>
>Timo Niroma wrote:
>> 3. We should not be arguing how much the greenhouse gases really
>> investigate are the other possible causative agents.
>On the contrary, these are EXACTLY the questions we should be asking.
>Mind you, the criticism should be well based. It should rise from
>consideration of well done experiments. It most definately should NOT be
>based on a desire to reduce greenhouse gases, or kill off efforts to
>greenhouse gases, or any such thing. These are political or economical
>prejudicial ideological things. They should NOT intrude into science.
>And we should stamp on them whenever we find them.
>Dan Evens

I agree.

I meant that we should not
** SOLELY **
concentrate on those issues.

I meant that we should
** ALSO **
investigate some issues that have not had the place in the
argumentatation they should have deserved.

I am full-heartedly with you in that the issue should be purely
scientific and we should should not mess it with any political or similar