Re: Atlantis - The Lost Continent

Wallace Neslund (
Fri, 12 Jul 1996 23:19:43 -0700

Paul Smith wrote:
> I'm fairly new to this newsgroup so I was wondering how anyone got round to talking
> about Atlantis? I haven't logged on-to alt.nutters.harmless by mistake have I? What
> about the more serious business of posthumously (?) insulting Neanderthals and trying to
> provoke Elaine Morgan? It's not that the subject of Atlantis is inherently worthless - I
> find it endlessly facinating myself

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> Groetjes,
> Paul Smith.

I sympathize with you. I also frequent the sci.archaeology mewsgroup, a better place for
serious Atlantis discussions than here, and the alt.archaeology newsgroup, a better place
for the-Atlanteans-left-on-flying-saucers discussions. Unless there was some form of Homo
ancestor running Atlantis, I fail to see the relevancy to s.a.p. I post on several
different subjects, but I try to keep the posts in their proper group. Sometimes threads do
wander, but I know of no paleo anth. digs going on in Atlantis right now.


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