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12 Jul 1996 14:10:36 GMT

In article <> James Borrett <> writes:
>david l burkhead wrote:
>> However, it's up to the one's trying to claim that there's some
>> remarkable difference to show that the difference exists.
>Sorry, but Richard Foy wasn't proposing this as evidence for the AAH, he
>was merely trying to counter Stephen Barnard's assertion that humans have
>no instinctive ability to swim. So it's up to Stephen Barnard to provide
>the evidence for or against, by your argument, not Richard, because
>Stephen proposed the hypothesis that we have no instinctive abilities to

You would do the White Queen proud, I think. What an incredibly
revisionist statement. First off, you can't "prove" a negative. The
positive statement that humans _have_ an instinctual ability to swim
is the one that needs evidence. While, from was I saw, Karen did not
claim her observation as any such evidence, Mr. Foy appeared to take
it as such (else his post referring to it in that context would have
been singularly pointless. I chose to proceed as if he had a point.)
His later comments about chimps would also be pointless unless he were
trying to make some point specifically about the difference between
humans and chimps.

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