Re: Karen's comments

Karen (
Mon, 08 Jul 1996 19:48:11 GMT

Mike Muller <> wrote:

>:I am currently engaged in isotopic research at the University of FLorida
>:in collaboration with University of Michigan. I am not getting my
>:information from pop science...I am collaborating with some of the
>:leading and up and coming researchers in the geochemistry field.

I didn't mean to infer that you were getting your information from pop
science. You have made it very clear in every conceivable way that
you are conducting research and are not getting your information from
pop science.

>: And yes A. ramidus has been written up and published twice in
> your research....and all of White's analysis was
>:morphological....cranial, dental and post-cranial. And when he publishes
>:again I am willing to bet that it will be a morphological
>:treatment...hell he's a morphologist!

I read the articles, they were briefs, not papers that were published
which is what I am referring to. I withhold my judgement regarding
his finds until I see his paper.

>: Don't think that a couple of intro level anthro classes give you
>:any amount of relevant information. For the most part THEY are pop
>:science. If you want to know what is going on read journals and
>:periodicals such as Nature, Science, Journal of Human Evolution, etc. And
>:take some upper level classes that will go into more depth on cutting
>:edge topics...but look into the Geology and Zoology departments.

You base your statements on assumptions. Unfortunately, this is not
a good trait for a researcher. It is good that you have such a high
self esteem. You will need it.

I >: And FYI the research being done on Devonian materials has
>:to do with paleoanthropology....that is realm of paleontology ,
>:geochemsirty and biochemistry.... and about 300 million years too early
>:for man.

My point about the Devonian materials was to point out the extent to
which isotopic analysis can be used for discovery. In other words,
isotopic analysis is not narrow and limited, it is a growing field
that holds much promise.

I apologise that this wasn't clear enough for you.