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Karen (
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 02:14:28 GMT (Gerrit Hanenburg) wrote:

>:How are the enlarged breasts differentiated as far as tissue is
>:concerned? Is the enlargement mainly caused by an increase of fat
>:tissue,glandular tissue or both?

Mostly fat.

>:Maybe human females have enlarged breasts for trophic reasons.
>:Human infants are the only primates that continue the high rate of
>:intra-uterine braingrowth after birth,with the result that a one year
>:old child has a brain twice the size of an adult chimpanzee.
>:To grow and maintain such a large brain the child needs a large supply
>:of high quality food:mother's milk.

WEll, I don't know how true this is, but the LeLeche league that is
dedicated to assisting new mothers in breast feeding 'technology'
insists that the size of the breast has no bearing on the amount of or
quality of milk produced.