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Cheradenine Zakalwe wrote:
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> writes:
> >I have done more than one research paper on Tunguska. I recommend the
> >book And the Fire Came By as well. Sorry to have to tell you but the
> >official Russian research concluded that it was a nuclear explosion.
> >There were TWO over flights, and the first one changed direction away
> >from populated areas. There was the inevitable mushroom cloud, and
> >radiation, trees fried on one side only (Heroshima like charing) and
> >right under ground zero only the tops of the trees were snapped off. This
> >ONLY happens with nukes as far as we know. And of course it was not an
> >anti matter meteor because of the hight of the final explosion. How big
> >would a chunk of rock (anti rock?) have to be to survive a plunge through
> >the atmosphere to something over a mile up? Just as they did in
> >Heroshima, they triangulated the detonation point. Also, there were
> >microscopic metal fragments in the soil - radiation pattern in the soil
> >too. The guy the Ruskies sent to investigate Hero happened to have been
> >on one of the original investigators sent to Tungusaka site. There was an
> >additional investigation later. Sooo... all is not what it seems on this
> >planet. The biggest cause of extinctions on this planet by observation is
> >MAN. We have gone from caves to Space shuttles in 10,000 years. How many
> >times can that happen in several billion years? Personally (and this is
> >more or less in fun) I am waiting for someone to announce the finding of
> >a coke bottle in a geological discontinuity - or some ancient beer can.
> >After all, if you dig down under 7 8 9 mud hut 'civilizations' in the
> >middle east, you find green glass - as in Trinitite.
> You are either crazy, or this is a very good troll.
> --
> Zakalwe==================================

Well, hate to upset your apple cart, but I am not crazy. But most of the
people on this planet sure are. How crazy is it when someone disavows
seeing or the reality of something right in front of their face. The
info on Tungusaka and other sites is absolutely factual. As a matter of
fact, there are quite a number of sites around the world with the 'green
glass' - Australian abos have their forbidden zones a la planet of the
apes - and you go out into the desert and dig under the sand and what do
you find? green glass. Gobi desert. Lybia. Outside of Damascus, and
other places. I knew someone who was on a Gobi expedition - a big chunk
used to sit on his desk. And like I said, the actual official Russian
scientific conclusion on Tungusak was that there was an atomic powered
ship that blew up. The first ship changed directions more than once away
from populated areas, and there was another (ship?) that over flew the
area later as if searching - multiple direction changes etc. Given the
eye witness accounts/records how "crazy" would someone have to be to
invent the idea of a meteor that changed directions or criss crossed the
sky, and you tell me what kind of a rock (anti matter or otherwise) that
could reist what would amount to a CONTINUOUS nuclear explosion as it
traveled through the atmosphere if it was an anti matter/matter
interaction. How DUMB. It was also falsely reported there was no
cratering, but that was not true. Considering the fact we have stone age
people co existing with atomic power, NOW, what is to say it has never
happened before? 10,000 years is a blink. You can't build a jig saw
puzzle by refusing to use ALL the pieces and trying to force it to be
different than the real picture. How about the cave paintings of the
arial battle of what look for all the world like saucers and the trashing
of a (city?base?) in the Caucasus? If they could paint bison so well,
what makes someone think the rest was imaginary? Ever talk to an oil
field worker? some have interesting tails of things that were dug up.
People have dug up some remarkable things. A machined block of metal in
a 200 million year old coal seam. Hmm. Ever scuba dive off Yucatan? In
the caves down 200 to 400 ft down you can find cave paintings and carved
Olmec like heads. So how is this accounted for? If Romans could have
concrete, Arabs could have electro plating, and Greeks astronomical
computers, lord knows what else could have gone on. By the way, as far as
our hairy elephants frozen in Siberia. Anyone ever REALLY figure out
how FAST they would have to have been flash frozen? With tropical vegies
in the gut? Did someone tip the Axis? or rip the air cover off the planet
for a brief time? Lets get REAL, and why did so many of them face the
same direction - WHY? How much under water work has been done in the
Bearing Straits or anywhere - considering that 12,000 years ago there
was maybe 400 feet less of water, that covers up a LOT of sites. So, the
real History of Man is quite different than what they told us baby
boomers - trusting fools. CYBERGUY