Re: Bipedalism and theorizing... was Re: Morgan and creationists

Karen (
Tue, 09 Jul 1996 09:49:54 GMT

James Borrett <> wrote:

>:Karen wrote:

>:> I don't know about all infants but I have never seen a h.s.s. infant
>:> hold on to its' mothers' breasts.

>:Well if they can't or don't hold on then the breast would lower the
>:nipple and make it easier for mum to manouver it into the baby's mouth,
>:and if they can hold on it gives them something to hold onto, or perhaps
>:both. (or perhaps neither :o) )

Could be. I do think that the enlarged breasts could have something
to do with a benefit for h.s.s. infants. I am not sure exactly what,
it would help if we knew just when breasts became enlarged.
I have to admit that I like Elaine Morgans' just so story about them
better than the usual 'breasts enlarged to aid in sexual selection'
theory! But then, I am female and would rather think that anyway!