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>Richard Foy wrote:
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>> Wallace Neslund <> wrote: Due to this, Homo females
>> >early on developed a large soft breast to act as a shock absorber to
>> >cushion the head and brain. In a feed back loop of larger
>> >breasts and better brain growth, Hss females developed the large breast
>> >seen today.
>Elaine Morgan suggested in "The Descent Of Woman" in 1972 that the human
>female breast shape evolved because we lost our hair, so the babies could
>no longer hold on and pull themsleves to the nipple when being
>breast-fed, so the breast shape gives them something to hold onto and
>makes the nipple more accessible. (She then went on to compare the breast
>shape of humans with the breast shape of dugongs).

That makes a lot more sense to me than the breast devloped as a
result of sexual selection.

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