Holloway re: Savanna Strawman

Mike Muller (muller@flmhh.ufl.edu)
Mon, 08 Jul 1996 13:05:18 -0400

I cannot discuss the laser ablation technique on line for it is in print
at this time. AS for other isotope work...that is what I am trying to
find pelple willing to do. SO far there is no work being done on the
hominid fossils themselves. Until the new laser technique the tooth had
to be damaged by removing a strip of enamel to drill for sampling and no
one is willing to allow this. Even thought he wealth of information that
could be recovered from that one small strip seems to outweigh the
limited morphological information it can supply.

Isotopic data can deliver information on seasonality, long-term climate
fluctuations, seasons of birth and death, heterochrony, diet and ecology.
Issues that currently paloeanthropologists are only able to speculate
Holly reeser@flmnh.ufl.edu