Re: Large animal extinctions caused by early man

Lorenzo Love (
8 Jul 1996 03:04:42 GMT

Bob Keeter <> wrote:
>Realistically, lets suppose that mankind did make his way to the
>new world and _tried_ seriously to eat his way across a continent
>of walking zombie megafauna. If one of these roving bands took
>down a couple of medium sized mammoths, and if we allow them the skills
>of smoking or drying the meat, we're talking several thousand
>pounds of USDA prime mammoth burgers! Throw in just a bit from the
>"gatherers" and you can feed quite a few hungry nekkid little
>preditors for a long time.
If you ever tried to smoke or dry meat you would know that it is a lot of
hard work, even with steel knives to use. It might take 5 men only 4
hours or so to hunt and kill a mammoth (a guess). Why spend several long
days cutting up the mammoth and making drying racks and then be tied down
for weeks while it drys when you can just kill a new one every two or
three days? You're not falling into that trap of thinking of ancient
people as being environmently aware conservationists are you?

Lorenzo L. Love