Re: Morgan and creationists

Robert Scott (
7 Jul 1996 22:21:49 GMT

In article <> Elaine Morgan, writes:
>Right on! What there is a need of is to ask (a) how we differ from apes
>(b) what other species can we find which appear to share those
>characteristics which are not found in any other primate (c) what kind
>of environment do they inhabit? (d) do we have any UNAMBIGUOUS
>explanation of why they evolved in just one primate? if not.let us sit
>down and count which of the speculative theories (they are all
>speculative) accounts for the greatest number of these anomalies.

And having speculated for awhile you might do well to look at the fossil
record. We do have hominid fossil record and no fossil hominids were
aquatic, semi-aquatic, or anything remotely similar to what the AAH
predicts in any of its incarnations. The earliest australopithecines
were 1) bipeds, 2) show adaptations that suggest they were also climbers,
and 3) were clearly terrestrial. The fossil evidence very clearly shows
that there was no aquatic hominid ever. The AAH must be wrong. As far
as I am concerned -- that ends the discussion. You speculated and were
wrong. I suggest you speculate in a direction consistent with the fossil