Re: Atlantis - The Lost Continent

cyberguy (cyberguy@IntNet.Net)
Sat, 06 Jul 1996 18:01:50 -0700

MJAttree wrote:
> Great idea for Atlantis newsgroup.
> I don't agree about the Aegeon though - I prefer Bimini.================================
Bimini is probably not the only site. Take a map, look at how much land
there would be if you took 400 feet of water out of the oceans.
Room for LOTS of lost islands and lord knows what's hidden under the
water now. If you go cave diving off Yucatan you can find caves 200 and
more feet down with stalactites etc and cave paintings and carvings. All
is NOT as it seems on this planet. When the glaciers melted everything
along the existing 'coast' went under. Even now most major cities are
along the coasts. How much got wiped out? Now THERE is a field for
underwater archeology. CYBER GUY