Re: Large animal extinctions: extinction-ex-astra

Craig Hagan (
5 Jul 1996 23:46:35 -0000

: 1. How can you be so sure that the end of ice age did not have an extraterrestrial
: source?

the idea of non-earthly causes/triggers for the start/end of
the ice age makes sense to me. I think that a lot of people
have overlooked aone thing: the sun (like all starts) exhibits
variability. I'd like to check solar output/headt patters over
some time, but, i would be willing to hazard that minor fluctuations
in solar output would easily trigger starts and ends to ice ages. I'm also
wondering what percentage of the current global warming trend (as
well as other previous temperature trends)
can be traced back to this. Perhaps graphing the
known sunspot cycles against the temperature variations might
reveal some interesting information (and perhaps another set of
solar cycles).

-- craig