Re: The warming trend & extinction events & ex-astra expl.

Timo Niroma (
6 Jul 1996 09:09:37 GMT

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>> Now to move to my point:
> Timo, it seems you are suggesting that meteors caused one
>change (end of most recent ice age) and that sunspots cause another
>(recent history)? I'd suggest that you can't have it both ways, and
>maybe these extra-terrestrial explanations are becoming just too
>convenient. Please pick just one..?....
>As always, these discussions can be fun,

In fact I made in 1898 a 102-page treatise about Sun and its spots.

I'm very sure that Sun is a variable star, not in the traditional sense,
but in a minor scale.

And therefore also the Sun's activity is surely one agent that regulates
the ice ages, Milankowicz cycles are only a part of the eplanation, and
interstellar clouds a third (see the other letter).