Re: Savannah strawman

Mike Muller (
Thu, 04 Jul 1996 20:20:33 -0400

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Re: Holloway and Shreeve
I accept your most impassioned defense of Tim White's motives. But that
still does not change the fact that the discovery of the new ramidus
material will not impact the Savanna hypothesis negatively. And as one
who will be working towards her Ph.D. in paleoanthropology next year I
will be lusting for a better understanding of how mankind evoles and
hoping that the field of paleoanthropology will evolve also and catch up
with the research that is being done with isotopes and laser ablation,
along with genetic research.
Studying morphology alone is no longer enough. Other fields
have moved forward and let go off the old dogma of the last fifty years
Only paleoanthropology seems to be clinging to it with its last dying
I had to critique a monograph for an archaeology class and wanted to do
something from some work done on hominid evolution and it was suggested
to me to look at other areas where the research was "light-years ahead".
Amd she was right but, unfortunately I am absolutely devoted to human
evolution and I love a good challenge. So into graduate school I
go...and if I offended White or Holloway, well it probably might not be
the last time that will happen. But I do respect their work and will
enjoy testing their theories.